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Megumi Toyosawa 豊澤めぐみ


Is a japanese painter, born and based in Tokyo, Japan. What I would like to depict most is self-esteem. It is in another words, a conflict of mind such as painfulness of life and fear of death.

The figures in all of my works portray my self image as a teenager.

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A selection of paintings by artist Megumi Toyosawa 豊澤めぐみ



2015 Megumi Toyosawa Exhibition (GALERIE SOL, Tokyo)


Group exhibition

2016 Painting Pieces Exhibition (GALERIE SOL, Tokyo)

             Award-winning artist exhibition of painting department of New Production Association 2015 (Ginza Inoue Gallery, Tokyo)

2015 Fact session-II (Ginza Shibuya Gallery, Tokyo)

Minimal exhibition in summer (GALERIE SOL, Tokyo)

Public Offering Group Best Selection Art 2015 (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo)

2012 ArtWaveExhibition vol.6 Creative Innovation (RECT VERSO GALLERY, Tokyo)

Seven colors Exhibition SevenColorsExhibition (Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo) ('15)

2009 6 people Exhibition TheJunction (galleryb.TOKYO, Tokyo)


Awards and others

2016 34th Ueno Royal Museum Art Awards Exhibition / First Award Candidate

2015 79th New Work Exhibition / New Artist Award Winner

2013 31st Ueno Royal Museum Art Awards Exhibition / Award Candidate ('15)

2012 76th New Workshop Exhibition / Sompo Japan Fine Arts Foundation Award Winner

2011 75th New Work Exhibition / Painting Department Award Winner
















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