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b. 1978. From Mesa, AZ. Esao Andrews is a Japanese/American artist and freelance illustrator. He received his B.F.A. in NYC from The School of Visual Arts in 2000 and with his haunted subject matter and often-times colorful palate has established a career both in the fine art and commercial world. He is best known for his beautiful album artwork for the band Circa Survive and has produced numerous comic book covers for Vertigo Comics and designs for Deathwish and Baker Skateboards early in his career.

Recently he has added mural work to his output and is also constructing some sculpted projects.  He currently lives in Los Angeles pursing a life of art-making with his beautiful girlfriend Clare Bare,  dog Soybean, and Gus the rabbit.




Selected Group Exhibitions

•     2017 beinArt Gallery “IV” four artists show.  Brunswick, AU

•     2017 Mesa Arts Center “Flourish”  Mesa, AZ

•     2017 Mondo Gallery “House Party 2”  Austin, TX


•     2016 Spoke Art “Suggestivism: Resonance”  San Francisco, CA

•     2016 Roq La Rue Gallery "Death and the Maiden Group show"  Seattle, WA

•     2016 Mondo Gallery “House Party”  Austin, TX

•     2016 Corey Helford Gallery “BeinArt Surreal Art Show”  Culver City, CA


•     2015 Unit London “Paintguide Group show”  London, UK

•     2015 Japanese American Nat’l Museum “Giant Robot Biennale 4”  Los Angeles, CA

•     2015 Thinkspace Gallery “The Gilded Age” 3 person show with Aaron Horkey and Joao Ruas. Culver City, CA

•     2015 Roq la Rue Gallery “Lush Life:Reverie”  Seattle, WA

•     2015 Long Beach Museum of Art “Vitality & Verve”  Long Beach, CA

•     2015 Cotton Candy Machine "Tiny Trifecta"  Brooklyn, NY

•     2015 Giant Robot 2 “Ill Squad”  Los Angeles, CA

•     2015 Worcester Art Museum “Samurai!: Japanese Myth and Tradition in the Contemporary Imagination”  Worcester, MA

•     2015 Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery “20 Years Under the Influence of Juxtapoz”   Los Angeles, CA



•     2014 Long Beach Museum of Art “MSTRXWRKS”  Long Beach, CA

•     2014 Cotton Candy Machine "Tiny Trifecta"  Brooklyn, NY

•     2014 Honolulu Museum of Art School "Pow Wow!: Exploring The New Contemporary Art Movement"  Honolulu, HI

•     2014 Roq la Rue Gallery "Unpredictable Gravity"  Seattle, WA

•     2014 Thinkspace at the LA Art Show "Littletopia"   Los Angeles, CA


•     2013 Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery "Beyond Eden"   Los Angeles, CA

•     2013 La Casa dell'Architecttura "Lacrima Aquarium"   Rome, Italy

•     2013 Corey Helford Gallery "Shades"  Culver City, CA

•     2013 Aquario Romano "Suggestivism Rome" Rome, Italy

•     2013 Long Beach Museum of Art "Risqué: Dirty Little Pictures"  Long Beach, CA

•     2013 Mondo Gallery "HBO and Mondo presents: Game of Thrones"  Austin, TX


•     2012 Copro Gallery "Anomalies" beinArt Collective Group show. Santa Monica, CA

•     2012 309 Gallery "Summer Spell"  Philadelphia, PA

•     2012 Roq La Rue Gallery "Death and the Maiden Group show"  Seattle, WA

•     2012 Copro Gallery "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me"  20 year anniversary group show. Santa Monica, CA

•     2012 Mondo Gallery "SXSW Sci-Fi Art Show"  Austin, TX



•     2011 54th Venice Biennale curated by Jonathan LeVine and Giovanni Bonelli "The Emergence of the Pop Imagist"  Venice, ITALY

•     2011 Cotton Candy Machine "Tiny Trifecta"  Brooklyn, NY

•     2011 Grand Central Art Center "Suggestivism"  Los Angeles, CA


•     2010 Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico "Draw"  Mexico City, Mexico

•     2010 Observatory Gallery "A Love Craft: honoring writer, H.P. Lovecraft"  Brooklyn,  NY


•     2009 Vered Gallery "Art On The Edge" East Hampton, NY

•     2009 Last Rites Gallery "Dark Pop 2.0"  New York, N


•     2008 Last Rites Gallery "Dark Pop"  New York, NY

•     2008 Dorothy Circus Gallery "Inside Nostalghia"  Rome, Italy


•     2006 Reciever Gallery w/ Keep a Breast Foundation "Breast Cast Charity Auction" San Francisco, CA



•     2005 Greco Building "Monsters of Lowbrow: A New Art Invasion"  Miami, FL

•     2005 CPOP Gallery "Vinyl Klash" Detroit, MI


•     2004 CBGB's Gallery "The Flaming Fire Illustrated Bible" New York, NY

•     2004 Woodstock Gallery of Art "War & Peace: The Art of Propaganda" Woodstock, NY

•     2004 M.O.C.C.A. Cartooning Museum New York, NY


•     2002 National Portrait Gallery"BP Portrait Awards"  London, UK



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