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The year 2019 is now upon us and with it an endless amount of festivities, hope and manifestation of the projects to come. We’ll deepen and enrich issue after issue, month after month.

We now celebrate today being between your hands welcoming January with this issue; a more committed with art, artists and with you, issue; and next month celebrating a two-year printed issue. The Guide Artists continues faithfully a trajectory that makes the difference; spreading delight with the most successful paintings. A stroke of colour and a design change is just a clear result of the path that we wish to keep sharing with you.

Along the year we’ll emphasise beauty in details and imagination among us. He Lihuai, the great master, fills this world with reflection where art needs support and education from the media more than ever, it’s important to leave aside politic acts that benefit the same people over and over again. Thus, The Guide Artists reaffirm its compromise to that world where art has its one and only universe to fall in love, to respect those people that with their art not only do they manage to get to thousands of people but also, they touch our souls in so many ways.

To that, we present to you a more tactful and delicate edition, where you will be able to know and share directly the artists most intimate place, letting art to be not only tomorrows’ legacy but todays change. Thanks to those who make each issue more special every time. We wish you happiness and lots of love.

Let the commitment to embellish our world to be rewarded.

Let us begin!


The Guide Artists continues faithfully a trajectory that makes the difference; spreading delight with the most successful paintings.




The beginning into the year | He Lihuai

One of my favorite things to do is talk with incredibly successful people, regardless of their field. I always learn something, and I’m also reminded that success is never pre-ordained: Instead, success is the result of hard work, persistence, and and doing the right things, over and over again.

In short, success -- however you choose to define “success,” because it is a choice -- is something we can all achieve. Back at some of my first interview of the year. Artist Chinese 21st Century Realist, He Lihuai.






Contemporary realist artist - Painter and Draftsman


“Ricardo Ramirez immerses us in his realistic view of art Faces, people, places and objects with emotional significance are the pretext to display through stains and micro-stains of real colors and illusions of color achieved through grays tinged with glazes , its raw but fascinating aesthetics full of subtleties, elegance and little plastic mastery.

It is an invitation to make a high “stop”, stop the automatic and unconscious mental association of everyday life and give yourself a space to enter the world of subtle, very subtle perceptions that, treated with so much trade, inevitably evoke in the aesthetic experience , an emotion, that calls to the interior and moves for its transcendental architecture.

We managed to perceive a superior structure that underlies every image such as the scaffolding of the composition, triangles, radial spirals, tension lines, etc., subordinated to the “golden section” Phi are the guidelines that determine the “focal point, attention center and give value to each spot of color. All adjusted to a “higher-high” key with which he manages to distance himself from any relationship or comparison with the “higher-low” key that guided the Baroque artists, because his work is clearly Contemporary.”


By A Lépert . Art critic





12 Figurative Paintings of Mari Carmen Bretón


María del Carmen Bretón Suano, was born in Cádiz on November 26, 1969, in a family of artists. Among them, highlight my great great grandfather Tomás Bretón y Hernández (composer, violinist and musicologist).

My first contact with art, at a professional level, began in 2011 with a self-taught person, who gave me the first knowledge of the plastic arts. On the other hand, in 2014, I decided to learn about various techniques related to sculpture (volume and emptying) by the hand of a graduate in that field. Currently, I am backed by three great professionals, Miguel Castilla, Elisa Soria and Javier Varela, graduates in Fine Arts. Throughout time, I have been able to experience a change in myself as an artist since I have managed to evolve and achieve my own figurative style.

Awarded with the first prize for the work “Acordes del Alma”, presented at the XXVI Paleta de Colores contest, and whose exhibition was held at The Cloisters of Santo Domingo in Jerez de la Frontera, November 2017. Selected as a semi-finalist in the international event organized by ARTBOX. PROJETS NEW YORK 1.0 With the play “Red Breeze”, March 2018.





FEDERICA POLETTI | Anti-portraits 反肖像画


“My research is unconscious and influenced, in a completely evocative way, by what happens in the inner theater of my thoughts: my work is inspired by the concept of identity and body as a physical and heavy means of expression of what happens in each one intimately, my means of expression has evolved into painting, drawing and ceramics.I currently live and work in Modena, Italy”.






SEND NUDES | Miguel Ángel Casco


Miguel Ángel Casco (1991) holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master’s Degree in Information Design from the University of the Americas Puebla. He has participated in different solo and group exhibitions, in Mexico and abroad. His work invites us to think about the digital-technological influence and media connectivity as entities that foster a shared intimacy through painting. The nude and sexuality are themes that surrounds his recent production, developed from the pictorial reaches of his own technique. He lives and works in Mexico City.





BEST OF THE 13th Annual ARC Salon


ARC is pleased to present the winners and finalists of the 13th International ARC Salon Competition. This year we had over 3,750 entries from 69 countries. Our finalists represent approximately 28% of entries. ARC has acquired 11 new works for the ARC collection, valued at over $118,000.

Our Best in Show went to Ming Yu, for his painting of In Bvlag, where Yu emphasizes light as a central focus. This masterful work rivals any portrait from current or prior centuries. The Bouguereau Award went to our runner up for Best in Show, Woman in the Forest, by Katsu Nakajima (Pag 107),

which is set in the deep, vast and magical forest of Jukai, Japan.


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